IRO Biocide supplies two main types of aldehyde, glutaraldehyde and glyoxal.

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what are aldehydes

Aldehydes (quán, aldehyde): a class of organic compounds, is aldehyde (-CHO) and hydrocarbon (or hydrogen atoms) from the compound. An aldehyde group consists of a carbon atom, a hydrogen atom and a double bond oxygen atom. The aldehyde group is also called formyl.

Naming aldehydes

Simple aldehydes are commonly used in common nomenclature.

Aromatic aldehydes can be named as substituents.

When the polyaldehyde is named, the carbon chain containing the aldehyde group should be selected as the main chain, and the position of the aldehyde group and the number of aldehyde groups should be indicated.

The name of the aldehyde group in the name of the unsaturated aldehyde should be as small as possible, but also the position where the unsaturated bond is located.