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Shandong IRO Biocide Chemicals Co., Ltd. specializes in water treatment biocides and organic biocides for 10 years.
Biocides products include glutaraldehyde, benzalkonium chloride(bkc), glyoxal, bronopol, thps, isothiazolinones, dbnpa, dbdmh, bcdmh and dcdmh.

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1,3-Dichloro-5,5-Dimethyl Hydantoin (DCDMH)

CAS No.: 118-52-5

Molecular Formula: C5H6O2N2Cl2           Molecular Weight: 197.04

Structural Formula:

DCDMH Structural Formula


Item Index
Appearance White crystal powder
Effective chlorine ≥68%
Melting point 130-133°C
Drying loss    ≤1.0%

Instant or slow-releasing glanular:8-30

Instant of slow-releasing tablet:20g 200g etc.


DCDMH is mainly used as disinfectant and algae killer, killing germ, fungus, virus, algae, liver inflame virus etc., with high stabilization, high content, bland light odor, slow release, widely used:

1.Sterlization for swimming pool and tap water

2.Sterlization for aquaculture

3.Sterlization for industrial water

4.Sterlization of environment for hotel, hospital and other public places.

Package and Storage:

Packed in two layers: non poisonous plastic sealed bag for inside, and paper-plastic multiple bag or cardboard barrel for outside. 25Kg net each or by customer's requirement.

Keep in cool and dry; avoid putting together with in jurant for fear of pollution. Validity:12 months.


DCDMH, 1,3-DiChloro-5,5-DiMethyl Hydantoin