Glyoxal belongs to aldehyde biocide.

Molecular Formula is C2H2O2.

High quality glyoxal is supplied by IRO Biocide, goode biocide manufacturers from China. IRO treats every customers equally and professionally.

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CAS No.: 107-22-2

Molecular formula: C2H2O2

Molecular weight: 58.04

Structural Formular:

glyoxal Structural Formular 


Glyoxal is the crystalline or liquid crystalline or liquid that is colorless or yellow.Glyoxal is soluble in ethanol, ether and soluble in water.Chemically active, it also can be added or condensation with ammonia, amide, aldehyde, carboxyl compounds.


Glyoxal supplied by IRO has three grades. They are top-grade, first grade and industry grade. Different grade, different specifications. All grades are supported by advanced technology and professional service from IRO Biocide. The details as bellow:

Index name Top-grade First-grade Industry Grade
Chroma Pt-Co unit Color No. ≤10# ≤15# ≤15#
Glyoxal ≥40±0.5% ≥40±0.5% ≥40±0.5%
Acid (formic acid) ≤0.1% ≤0.15% ≤0.2%
Aldehyde(formaldehyde)   ≤0.1% ≤0.2% ≤0.3%
Glycol ≤1.0%  ≤1.5% ≤1.5%


Glyoxal is a kind of fine chemical product with wide range of application. Glyoxal is mainly used in chemical, medicine, paper making, flavor, coating, adhesive and daily-use chemical etc.. It can be directly synthesized into imidazole, 2-methylimidazole, glyoxalic acid, textile finishing agent, iron free resin and paper making auxiliaries etc.

In textile industry, glyoxal can increase the spinning and anti-wrinkle of cotton, nylon as fiber treatment agent. In Japan, 80% consumption of glyoxal be used as fiber treatment agent. Glyoxal is an insoluble adhesive. It is also used in leather industry and waterproof matches production.

glyoxal in textile industry

Package and Storage:

Packed in 200L plastic pail in cool, dry and draughty place.

Hazard Overview:

Health hazards: It is harmful to the human body. Glyoxal can stimulate the skin and cause dermatitis. Glyoxal steam and fog can stimulate the eyes, mucosa and upper respiratory tract.

Environmental hazards: Glyoxal is harmful to the environment and pollution to the atmosphere.

Explosion hazard: Glyoxal is poisonous and irritating.

Other chemical names :

Ethanedial; Oxalaldehyde; 107-22-2; Oxaldehyde.