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There are some people who always discuss whether it is necessary to develop and use of low toxicity fungicides, such as Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate, Polyhexamethyleneguanidine Hydrochloride and Phlyhexamethylene Biguanidine. If you also have some doubts about this problem, the following article will give you a good answer.

On Farm

Of the myriad “problems” we face in America in 2017, next to nuclear weapons, there’s nothing that compares to the insidiousness and effects of systematically spraying the food of hundreds of millions of people with neurotoxins and other biocides.

This fact is not secret.

People who “consume” food produced by farmers, the government, farmers and, of course, the manufacturers of poisons, openly admit farmers spray the food with chemicals known as pesticides. And to ease any anxiety about food safety, the government and the industry keep saying the industry has been testing these sprays and have found the sprays are safe.

In addition, America has hundreds of colleges and universities with thousands of experts (physicians, biologists, chemists, toxicologists, agronomists, environmentalists, philosophers, sociologists, political scientists) who remain silent about this enormous moral and public and environmental health tragedy.

These highly educated men and women know or should have known that the farmers’ pesticide sprays are not safe. How could they be? They are cousins to chemical warfare agents. In other words, they are petrochemical poisons targeting all life. Their toxicity is not limited to killing insects, weeds, and other unwanted organisms. That’s why the name, pesticides, is misleading. Pesticides are more than pest-killing substances. They are biocides.

These facts are also not secret.

Scientists have been studying farmers’ sprays for decades. One of them, Rachel Carson, wrote “Silent Spring” in 1962 in which she warned Americans to avoid pesticides because they are so deadly to birds they are silencing the natural world. She also rejected Americans’ careless attitude towards chemicals, including the biocides of the farmers.

The eloquent voice of Carson might have something to do with President Richard Nixon’s founding of the US Environmental Protection Agency in December 1970. In 1972, EPA banned DDT, a biocide responsible for unfathomable damage to birds and other wildlife.

Despite this auspicious beginning, polluters, farmers, and industrialists hit EPA with a ton of bricks. They sent their lobbyists to the White House and Capitol Hill, teaching EPA they were the real rulers of America.

So that is why IRO Biocide strongly advocates the use of environmentally friendly biocide. The three biocide chemicals mentioned above are IRO Biocide main products. IRO always do our best to environmental protection.