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Shandong IRO Biocide Chemicals Co., Ltd. specializes in
water treatment biocides and organic biocides for 10 years.
Biocides products include glutaraldehyde, benzalkonium chloride(BKC),

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A biocide is a kind of chemical that kills organisms. Biocide chemicals are often used selectively.

According to the classification of bactericidal mechanism, biocide chemicals can be divided into two categories: oxidizing and non-oxidizing. Oxidative biocides are usually strong oxidants, which mainly achieve the purpose of sterilization by oxidation with metabolic enzymes in bacteria. Commonly used oxidizing bactericides are chlorine, chlorine dioxide, bromine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and so on. Non-oxidizing biocides act on the special parts of microorganisms in the form of toxic agents, thus destroying the cells or life of microorganisms to achieve the bactericidal effects. Common non-oxidizing biocide chemicals include chlorophenols, isothiazolinones, quaternary ammonium salts, etc.

Biocides are commonly used in medicine, agriculture, and forestry; In industry, it is used in oil and water pipes to prevent bacterial contamination.

Our Social Responsibility

As a key part of the IRO Group Inc., Shandong IRO Biocide Chemicals Co., Ltd. believe our responsibility to our stakeholders to act with the utmost integrity in all that we do and to operate in a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.

As a biocides manufacturer, we always keep biocides products at a high level. We have good performance in quality control. Many global famous companies buy biocides chemicals from Shandong IRO Biocide Chemicals Co., Ltd.

As a biocide company, we also believe strongly that we should contribute to the quality of life in the communities in which we operate in a way that creates sustainable value.








IRO Biocide is aiming to be a global leader in providing innovative, chemistry-based solutions to selectively destroy and control the growth of harmful microbes, with the focus mainly on water treatment biocides.

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    We are committed to providing high-quality biocides to increase productivity and reduce production costs.

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    We will proactively understand customer needs and respond quickly, providing the information customers need to help them build long-term relationships with their customers.

  3. Products Price

    We will offer prices that are better than the market, and the policy allows for bargaining. You don’t have to worry about the price during the contracted delivery period.

  4. Payment Method

    We have a variety of different payment methods. They include TT, D/P, LC, OA, D/A, and so on. The account period for all payment methods is negotiable.