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The 9th China International Lubricants, Grease and Blending Technology and Equipment Exhibition” was held in Shanghai, China. Dow Biocides Division announced the launch of BIOBAN™ ULTRA BIT biocide. This is a broad-spectrum biocide used to protect industrial water-based products from bacterial, yeast, and fungal contamination. The biocide contains no formaldehyde and does not release formaldehyde. It has excellent chemical stability and is compatible with most metalworking fluid formulations.

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BIOBAN™ ULTRABIT fungicide is a high purity benzoisothiazolinone (BIT) fungicide.

Benzisothiazolinones are major industrial bactericidal, anticorrosive, and anti-enzyme agents. It is suitable for water-based interior and exterior wall coatings, high and medium-grade emulsion paints, synthetic emulsions, textile auxiliaries, paper-making auxiliaries, metalworking fluids, coated paper coatings, and synthetic detergents, thickeners, and other systems of corrosion and mildew prevention. It can also be used in the leather chemical and tanning industry.

In addition to BIOBAN™ ULTRA, Dow Biocides has also introduced other products in the BIOBAN product family for metalworking fluids. This broad product line includes BIOBAN™ CM14 fungicide and BIOBAN™ I-20 mold inhibitor. BIOBAN™ CM14 can be added in-line to control and kill spoilage bacteria. It is a 14% aqueous solution of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (CMIT) with 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (MIT). Like BIOBAN™ ULTRA BIT, BIOBANCM14 contains no formaldehyde nor does it release formaldehyde. It has a rapid bactericidal effect and can be used with a variety of other bactericides to help better protect metalworking fluids from bacterial, mold, and yeast contamination.

BIOBAN™ I-20 is a broad-spectrum fungicide. It contains a 20% solution of 3-iodopropynylcarbamic acid butyl ester (IPBC).BIOBAN™ I-20 is an easy-to-formulate non-metallic mold inhibitor. It is effective in killing various fungi. It is compatible with water-based, solvent-based, synthetic, semi-synthetic, and soluble formulations.

The BIOBAN family of products enables customers and formulators to achieve corrosion protection, integrity, and long life in metalworking fluids under a variety of conditions.

IRO Biocide is also able to provide customers with a more comprehensive germicidal solution. This enables the effective killing of a wide range of known bacteria and fungi that can cause contamination and shorten the life of the fluid. We can help our customers optimize their solutions to some of the most difficult problems facing metalworking fluid formulators in China today.