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What are the advantages of industrial fungicides?

Fungicides have the same effect as preservatives. General antibacterial. It has good inhibition effect on different fungi and bacteria. Long term non-toxic, no odor, very stable. It has the emulsifying effect of not destroying the matrix; the range of application is very wide.

Industrial preservatives have good antibacterial effect on polymer materials. These polymer materials need a variety of additives. We need to reduce the use of it. Anti mold through the robe into the cell interior, eliminate the robe, prevent the growth of bacteria. Its specific functions are as follows.

copper bactericide fungicide

1. Inhibit all kinds of metabolism of fungi.

The energy system is destroyed.

3. Inhibit the reaction with enzyme.

4. Promote the reducing constitution of cells and destroy the cellular mechanism.

5. Prevent the sprouting of the robe.

What do you know about industrial preservatives?

You know, mold can be said to be everywhere. It is harmful to feed storage. The use of industrial preservatives can effectively prevent feed mildew. So it brings more benefits to many foods in our lives.

1. Benzoic acid: it is a white and mercerized flake or needle like crystal with a trace of benzoic acid smell. It has good stability and hygroscopicity. It can be slightly soluble in water, but it is easy to volatilize with water vapor under acidic conditions.

2. Sodium benzoate: it is a kind of white particles or crystalline powder, slightly sweet, soluble in water, can be stable in the air. Because of its low solubility of sodium benzoate, feed to prevent mildew is mostly used this.

3. Propionic acid and its salts: it is a widely used preservative in feed industry, and it is also a kind of acid taste agent with low toxicity. It is a colorless liquid and can be dissolved in water.

4. Citric acid and sodium citrate: it is a kind of colorless translucent crystal or white granule, which tastes extremely acid and is very soluble in water. It can also be used as a synergist of acid taste agent and antioxidant. It can play an anti-corrosion role in feed.

Do you know the use environment of industrial fungicides?

Industrial fungicides play a very important role in our life, it brings us a lot of convenience. There are many kinds of industrial fungicides. Such as leather fungicides, textile fungicides, glue fungicides, paint fungicides, bamboo and wood fungicides. There are even feed fungicides. Fungicide an agent used to prevent mildew in an article. It is widely used. The use rate of fungicides was also high. There are strict regulations for the use of fungicides.

The use of industrial fungicides must be in a sealed environment. Otherwise, it will affect the use effect. Moreover, the fungicide should not contact food when used. Fungicides should not be eaten or swallowed. Wear safety masks and gloves during use. Bactericide is non-toxic, safe for human body, please feel free to use!