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According to the investigation, there are over 80,000 species of pathogenic microorganisms (fungi, strong bacteria, rickettsia, mycoplasma, viruses, algae, etc.) that are harmful to plants around the world. Plant disease is a huge loss to agriculture, and crops around the world reduce their output by an average of about 500 mt per year. There have been many times in history when a plant disease epidemic caused a severe famine, and even a large number of people starved to death. The use of biocides is an economical and effective method to control plant diseases.

Biocide Definition

Biocides are also called bactericides and algicides, microbicides and so on. It generally refers to a chemical agent that effectively controls or kills microorganisms — bacteria, fungi, and algae — in a water system. Internationally, it is usually used as a general term for the control of various pathogenic microorganisms.

The Main Kinds of Biocides

Biocides are mainly divided into agricultural fungicides and industrial Biocides.

Agricultural fungicides are used for the prevention and control of plant diseases caused by various pathogenic microorganisms, and generally refers to the fungicide. Internationally, however, it is often used as a general term for the treatment of various pathogenic microorganisms. With the development of fungicides, the subclasses of fungicide, viricide and algicide are also distinguished.

Industrial biocides, according to the sterilization mechanism can be divided into oxidative biocides and non-oxidizing biocides.

Biocides are divided according to the source, except for agricultural antibiotics belonging to biogenic biocides, the main varieties are chemical synthetic biocides, and biocides are a class of agents used to control plant diseases. Any potion that kills or inhibits the growth of the pathogen without interfering with the normal growth of the plant, collectively referred to as fungicide. Biocides can be classified according to the way of action, source of raw materials and chemical composition.

Biocides Industrial Applications

The application of industrial circulation cooling water.

Quaternary ammonium salt bactericide: Dodecyl Dimethyl Benzyl ammonium Chloride(DDBAC) and polyquaternary ammonium salt, etc.

Azoline: isothiazolinone and benzothiazolinone, etc.

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