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How to choose a reliable THPS manufacturer is relly a big question.

how to choose thps manufacture


THPS chemical is mainly used as a biocide. The main advantage of THPS biocide is its rapid degradation to completely harmless chemical after use. Therefore, it is widely used in water treatment, oil field, papermaking and other industries. It also can greatly reduce the environmental impact. THPS chemical can also be used as a permanent flame retardant for cotton and polyester/cotton fabrics.

THPS chemical needs to be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Must be away from fire and heat. And keep the container sealed. Tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphonium sulfate should be stored separately from oxidants, acids, and food chemicals.

The purity of THPS chemical provided by different manufacturers is not the same. And the THPS price is also different. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a reliable THPS manufacturer. This article will show you how to choose a THPS manufacturer.

Competition in the chemical industry is not just between companies. But between supply chains. The volume growth and efficiency of the entire supply chain can drive the development of the whole industry. The current data shows that more than 60% of the quality problems of the company’s final products are caused by raw material problems. Therefore, it is very important to improve the products quality. And also this problem can not be solved only by the company’s internal operations.

Let us focus on the supply chain. It is very significant to manage the quality of materials from raw material suppliers to THPS manufacturers. Most THPS chemical companies meet some difficulties. Such as insufficient information to suppliers, cumbersome management of suppliers, and lack of effective supervision. More important is the lack of feedback mechanisms for suppliers.

The terrible trading relationship between the manufacturer and the supplier happens. Lack of good communication has become a barrier to prevent partnerships between upstream and downstream.

The THPS supplier can be the THPS manufacturer or not. That mainly depends on whether the THPS products are produced by the supplier. The manufacturer is the producer of the product. It is can also act as a supplier. The world’s leading chemical companies always do this. Such as BASF, Dow, DuPont, Huntsman and so on.

High-quality THPS chemical requires qualified production materials, mature process, perfect production equipment, and strict quality inspection. Only with the above conditions, it can become a reliabale THPS manufacturer.

Due to the diversity of raw materials and the complexity of the production process. The quality of the produced THPS always is different. Different product quality results in different costs. This leads to a difference in the THPS price in the market.

Among them, the chemical reaction and the reactor are the core of THPS production. And the physical process plays the role of preparing suitable reaction conditions for the chemical reaction. Such as separating and purifying the reactants to obtain the final product.

Shandong IRO biocide company is an international chemical producer. It belongs to the IRO group. IRO has a business license, a production license, and a safety production certificate and certificate.

The company has five departments. The company’s business involves a variety of agricultural solutions, performance products, chemicals, oil and gas, and functional materials. Shandong IRO biocide company also specializes in many other products and is known for its fungicides.

IRO Biocide products include aldehyde, halogen, environment-friendly biocides,hydantoin, isothiazolinones, and other routine biocides.

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